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The most frequently asked questions about ETSC 2024 are answered here.
We will be adding to these on an ongoing basis.

Last updated:
19 June 2024

Can I do my whole family's registration under my name?

No, everyone needs to do their own complete registration.

I did my registration using my email address but now I cannot complete my wife's registration using the same email?

The registration system uses the email address as a defining information so every registration needs to use unique email address.

I'm liver transplant recipient but I cannot see my transplant type in the selection. Am I not able to participate?

All transplant recipients (kidney, liver, heart, lung, pancreas, bowel and bone marrow) and people on dialysis are allowed to participate. When starting your registration you need to select the Event category which then defines what transplant types are available for that category. Heart and Lung event category is only for heart and lung transplant recipient, dialysis event category is only for people on dialysis and Open Category is for all transplant recipients and people on dialysis.

I'm a Team Manager, how do I know who has registered to my team and where can a edit the information?

Every time someone registeres to your team you will receive an email with the information. LOC is preparing a system for Team Managers to edit their team registration information.

Can I book extra nights via the registration system?

No, unfortunately the Registration System cannot handle extra night registration.

Extra Nights are booked via this link.

All extra nights are paid by athletes directly to LOC via a payment link they will receive after making the booking.

Who should I contact if I need help registering?

There is basic registration instructions available that will give you some instructions on how to proceed with your registration. The instructions also give information on how to edit your registration and how to make direct payments to LOC (if your team has this payment method selected).

You can also contact your Team Manager to help you with your registration and to guide you through the process. You can find the list of Team Managers here

I’m not European, can I participate in the games?


The Local Organizing Committee allows registrations for athletes from outside Europe for sports that do not have a round-robin and/or direct elimination format. These athletes will not be eligible to officially receive medals, but the Local Organizing Committee will award them with a commemorative medal.

The Local Organizing Committee has also decided to open registrations to other non-European countries, provided they are member countries of the WTGF - World Transplant Games Federation and that the National Association/Organization recognizes the athlete.

Non-European athletes can only participate in non-elimination sports like Athletics, Bowling, Cycling, Golf, Running 5k and Swimming, will not compete for medals.

Is there insurance coverage for participants in the European Transplant Sports Championships (ETSC)?

Yes, all competitors participating in the official sports competitions of the ETSC are covered by sports insurance. This insurance provides coverage specifically for incidents that occur during the official sports events. However, it is highly recommended that all participants obtain additional travel insurance to cover any incidents or emergencies that may happen outside the sports competitions, such as during travel, sightseeing, or other non-competition activities. This ensures comprehensive protection throughout your stay in Lisbon.


I cannot find hotel information from the Accommodation page. How do I know where my hotel is?

LOC has given the hotel information to Team Managers and hotel information will be published on the website also.

I want to book my whole team to the same hotel. Is that possible?

If you want to have your whole team in the same hotel you have to advice your team members to choose the same level of accommodation during registration. It is advisable to also contact LOC about your request. This only applies to 3 star or 4 star hotel accommodation as there is only a limited number of Youth Hostel and University accommodation and they will be filled on First Come, First Serve basis.

We want to be accommodated as close to the Venues as possible. How can I book the closest hotel?

LOC has a pool of hotels and teams/athletes are allocated to different hotel after registration has progressed to a certain point where hotels can be confirmed. LOC works to provide the best possible accommodation for every team.

How do I book extra nights?

Extra nights are available from the 14th July (14.7.2024) onwards and all the way up to 3rd August (3.8.2024).

Extra Nights are booked via this link.

All extra nights are paid by athletes directly to LOC via a payment link they will receive after making the booking.

Is University accommodation the nearest accommodation option to Sport Venues?

University accommodation is only available at Carcavelos. Single and double rooms are available in Carcavelos, which is approximately 15 km away from Lisbon city centre. Carcavelos is a very nice beach resort and all athletes/supporters located there will have transportation arranged by the LOC to all Sports Venues and Social Events.


I cannot select the sports that I want. How do I register to sports?

First you have to select the day that the sport is held on. Selecting the day first will activate the selection underneath that day.

Can I register for as many sports as I want to?

Each competitor may enter a maximum of five events only, excluding Swimming and Track & Field relays and Volleyball. You may choose all the five events from one sport or they can be different sports.

Please note that, for example, each Swimming or Track & Field discipline counts as an individual event selection.

Those selecting the events that are included in Virtual Triathlon or Virtual Duathlon are automatically entered the virtual events and will not lose one event slot. Virtual Triathlon and Virtual Duathlon do not count as an additional 3rd or 4th event in their own right.

I want to register for 5km Mini-Marathon and Darts but registration system only allows me to enter one of those

Yes, the registration system only allowes one type of sport to be selected for one day. Sports are organised in various locations and participatind multiple types of sports in one day is not possible. Playing Darts and running 5km at the same time cannot happen and sports cannot wait for athletes to arrive late to the competition.

"Athlete can only register for one type of sport per day. Athletes participating in relays also must not have different sport category registration on the same day. Organisers are not required to wait for athletes or teams in case of athlete or team is not present due to registering to different sport."
- ETSC 2024 Sport Rules

My team does not have 4 male or female participants for relays. Can we have a mixed relay team?

Mixed relay teams are allowed and mixed relay teams can compete in mens category. Mixed relay teams can have any combination of men and women.

The final composition of relay teams needs to be given a day before the competition.

I don't have a partner for my Tennis doubles. Can I play with some from another country?

All team events and doubles partners need to be from the same country. International teams are not allowed in any event.

Padel is an Open Mixed event. What does that mean?

Padel is a new, extra sport introduced by ETSC 2024 LOC.

Open Mixed category allows all gender combination to participate (male-male, female-female, male-female) and there are no age categories. There will be only one set of medal presented after the Padel competition.

Partners need to be from the same country and no international pairs are allowed.

Will there be a warm-up pool in swimming?

During swimming competition there will be a lane or two reserved for warming up.

Is 25m or 50m Swimming pool used for Swimming competition?

Swimming competition is held on 50m swimming pool (Olympic swimming pool).

Will all Event categories compete at the same time?

ETSC 2024 has three different official Event Categories

  • Heart and Lung event category
  • Dialysis event category
  • Open transplant event category

Each category will be medalled separately in some event and some events will be medalled together. You can find more information about this on ETSC 2024 Sport Rules.

All event categories will do their competition on the same day at the same time. For some sports all categories will have their own starts/heats/pools but for saving time sometimes, when possible, one start/heat may contain athletes from two or more age or event categories. They will be medalled separately after the actual competition is finished.

For example, the 5km Mini-Marathon may combine, depending on the participant numbers, Dialysis and Open transplant category athletes to one start to make the event more meaningful and pleasant for athletes. If there are only a few athletes in any category then it would feel like running alone if they would have their own 5km start by themselves.  

Are spectators allowed to sport venues without registration?

Most venues have stands for spectators and we would love to see a big audience cheering our athletes. However, not every venue can accommodate athletes, supporters and extra spectators so there might be cases where we have to limit unregistered spectator entries.

Are balls provided for racquet sports?

The organiser will provide balls for Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton and Padel competition.

For Petanque and Golf ahtletes should have their own boules/balls.

Can I rent a bike for Cycling competition?

Cyclists who do not intend to travel with their own bike and prefer to rent one in Lisbon, we have a partner who provides approximately 15 bikes for rent, subject to availability at the moment.

The bikes are SCOTT ADDICT 20, Ultegra 12V - available in sizes ranging from XS (48) to XXL (61). 

To rent them, please contact directly:

Renato Silva
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+351 916 222 232

Are Petanque boules provided by LOC?

All ahtletes registered to Petanque should have their own Boules with them.

LOC provides balls to all Racquet sports.

How can I reserve trolleys or buggies for Golf competition?

You can reserve your trolleys or buggies for the Golf competition through the following contacts:

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +351 214 310 077


Airport Transportation

Airport transportation to accommodation hotels is provided by LOC to those with full package with accommodation or to those with a day package wit accommodation arriving on the days that airport transportation is provided.

Arrival airport transportation

  • Saturday 20th July (20.7.2024)
  • Sunday 21st July (21.7.2024)

Departure airport transportation

  • Sunday 28th July (28.7.2024)

LOC can only provide transportation to those who have given their arrival and departure information in advance.

If you are arriving outside of the given airport transportation days then you are adviced to use the public transportation or taxis at your own expense. The Metro system takes passengers from Airport to Lisbon City Center and the Metro station is located near the hotel where ETSC office is located.

Sport transportation

LOC will provide transportation to sport venues from official accommodation hotels for those who have selected the accommodation package.

The exact pick-up point will be given closer to the event.