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Team Manager News

All the Team Manager news are published on this page. We will be adding to these on an ongoing basis.

Last updated:
13 June 2024
Latest news

13.6.2024 Airport Transportation

Airport Transportation to accommodation hotels is provided by LOC to those registered with Full Package with Accommodation or to those with a Day Package with Accommodation arriving or departing on the days that airport transportation is provided.

Arrival Airport Transportation

  • Saturday 20th July (20.7.2024)
  • Sunday 21st July (21.7.2024)

Departure Airport Transportatio

  • Sunday 28th July (28.7.2024)

The exact Airport Transportation Schedule depends on the arrival times of teams and there may be a waiting period at the Airport. LOC can only provide transportation to those who have given their arrival and departure information in advance so make sure that your athletes have updated their travel information to the registration system.

If athletes are arriving or departing outside of the given airport transportation days then they are adviced to use public transportation or taxis at their own expense. The Lisbon Metro system is easily accessible at the Airport and takes passengers from Airport to Lisbon City Center. There is a Metro station near the hotel cluster where ETSC office and on-site registration will be located.

12.6.2024 Junior Athletes

All countries that have Junior JM2/JF2 (15-17 years)!

All JM2/JF2 category athletes can choose to compete in the adults M2/F2 (18-29 years) category. If a Junior athlete chooses to compete in the adult category they will compete for adult category medals and they will not be medalled separately. Junior categories generally do not have a lot of competition and in most cases there is one or max 2 junior athletes per sport/discipline. If your Junior athletes chooses to compete in the adult category then you must inform LOC by next Monday. No changes are not allowed after that.

JF1/JM1 (12-14 years) are allowed to compete in all junior relay teams but not in the adult relay teams.

Countries that have junior athletes:

  • Open category
    • Ireland
    • GB&NI
    • France
    • Germany
    • Hungary
  • Heart and Lung Category
    • France
    • GB&NI

Events that have Junior athletes (and number of athletes, age category, competition category)

  • Mini-Marathon (1 JF2 Open Cat)
  • Badminton (3 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Bowling (1 JF1 H&L Cat)
  • Cycling 30km (1 JF2 H&L Cat)
  • Cycling 5km (1 JF1 Open Cat, 1 JF2 H&L)
  • Darts (1 JF2 H&L Cat)
  • Petanque (2 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Swimming 100m Freestyle (1 JF2 Open Cat)
  • Swimming 200m ind medley (1 JF2 Open Cat, 1 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Swimming 50m Breaststroke (1 JF1 H&L Cat, 1 JF1 Open Cat, 1 JF2 Open Cat, 1 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Swimming 50m Butterfly (1 JF2 Open Cat, 1 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Swimming 50m Freestyle (1 JF1 H&L Cat, 1 JF1 Open Cat, 1 JF2 Open Cat, 1 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Tennis (1 JF2 Open Cat, 2 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field 100m (2 JF1 Open Cat, 1 JF2 H&L Cat, 1 JF2 Open Cat, 2 JM2 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field 200m (2 JF2 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field 400m (1 JF1 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field 1500m (1 JF2 H&L Cat, 1 JF2 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field Ball throw (1 JF1 Open Cat)
  • Track&Field Long Jump (1 JF1 Open Cat, 1 JF2 Open Cat)

JF1 and JF2 are female and JM1/JM2 are male. There are junior entries in doubles events also but I did not list them.

6.6.2024 Basketball is cancelled!

Basketball is cancelled!

At the time when registration closed there were only 5 registrations to Basketball and not even one full team from any country. The event is cancelled and the affected athletes are allowed to pick another sport if they want to.

Countries (and athletes) that are effected by this are: Italy (Brecciraoli, Cecconi), Kazakhstan (Orazbek), France (Lepage) and Portugal (Duarte).

28.5.2024 Golf
  • Proof of handicap needs to be dated and delivered to me by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) between June 10th and July 8th. Please collect all you team's documents and send then all at once.
  • Team Golf partners need to be given at the same time as other partner information. Once registration closes there is a period of two weeks to complete and make changes to sports (LOC will communicate the exact dates).
  • Golf Singles and Team will be played using the same Stableford -system
16.5.2024 Travel insurance

All participants must have personal travel insurance. Also all athletes should have additional insurance for sports if that is possible as many travel insurances do not cover sport injuries.

LOC is obliged to have a general liability insurance in case their actions cause bodily injury, property damage etc. but that does not cover athletes own accidents.

25.3.2024 University accommodation

Dear Team Managers and Country Representatives, there have been a lot of questions about the accommodation but the quantity and diversity of the accommodation options makes it difficult to share more detailed information about each category. Despite that, we would like to share a little bit more information about the University accommodation:

University accommodation is available at two locations; Lisbon and Carcavelos. Single rooms are available on both locations and double rooms are only available in Carcavelos, which is approximately 15 km away from Lisbon city centre. Carcavelos is a very nice beach resort and all athletes/supporters located there will have transportation arranged by the LOC to all Sports Venues and Social Events. Lisbon University accommodation does not have air conditioning but both single and double rooms in Carcavelos have air conditioning. All the Hotel accommodation options are located in Lisbon so for those who have already booked University double room option but want to be located nearer to the Lisbon University Complex need to change their accommodation to hotel accommodation option. The registration fee will be adjusted accordingly.

16.3.2024 ETSC 2024 Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations document is aimed for current and future ETSC organisers (LOC) but also contain a lot of information about the sports, medallig system, age categories etc. so it is also very useful for Team Managers and Country Representative who wish to have deeper understanding of the ETSC events.

11.3.2024 Booking Extra Nights is available!

If you wish to extend your stay beyond the event dates, please fill out the following form to reserve additional nights at your chosen accommodation - Click here to access the Extra Nights Booking Form.

The link is also visible on the Registration -page.

Extra night bookings will be paid by each participant directly to the LOC through a payment link.

11.3.2024 Registration instructions

The Registration Instructions have been updated and now include basic Instructions for editing registrations and making the direct payments to LOC (if this payment method is chosen).

8.3.2024 Payment Method Survey

LOC has worked hard and is now ready to offer a direct payment method where participants could pay their registration fee directly to LOC. This would free Team Managers/National organisation from collecting the registration fees from their team members. The original payment option is still available for countries that want to collect the registration fees from team members and make a collective payment to LOC.

Only one payment method option is available per team so each Team Manager but complete the attached survey and choose which payment method they wish to use. You must consult your National Organisation before giving your answer and read through the explanatory text in the survey.

If you choose the direct payment option then LOC will send you, once or twice a week, a confirmation email to which you have to reply and confirm the new registrations so that LOC can start the direct payment process. You also have to let your team members know that they will receive a payment link via email from LOC (O-Sports).

Please read through the survey and consult your National Organisation before answering the survey and do not hesitate to ask questions if needed.

6.3.2024 ETSC 2024 Team Manager meeting !!!

The first Live Stream for ETSC 2024 Lisbon is held on Wednesday 13th March (13.3.2024) at 5pm (Portugal time).

You can join the meeting with Microsoft Teams or with your internet browser with this link:

6.3.2024 Editing registration data

It is now possible for participants to edit their registration information via the login information that they recieve on their registration confirmation email. Participants can edit their General Information and Sports and also upload a missing photo. Changes to Registration Packages need to sorted out with LOC.

5.3.2024 Frequently Asked Questions

We have started to compile Frequently Asked Questions -page to the ETSC website. We will add more topics as we go along.

4.3.2024 Accommodation levels

Examples of the different Accommodation levels are listed in the website. This is the most that we have at the moment.

LOC has a pool of hotels. LOC will use various hotels depending how many registrations each level of Accommodation gets. Team Managers or athletes cannot book a specific hotel, only the level of Accommodation they want. LOC will allocate teams/athletes to hotels later.

Extra beds are available for 3 star and 4 star hotels and junior prices are valid if the junior shares a room with two adults. All prices are per person, not per room.

1.3.2024 ETSC 2024 Registration is open!

Registration is now open. You can also find Registration Instructions -file giving you basic instructions on how to register.

29.2.2024 ETSC 2024 Donor events

Donor events are listed in the Sport Rules and include 5km Mini-Marathon and Track & Field events (100m, Ball Throw and Long Jump).

28.2.2024 ETSC 2024 Registration Packages are released

All registration packages are released. All prices are per person (not per room).

27.2.2024 Junior Categories

ETSC 2024 offers two Junior Categories; 12-14 years (JM1/JF1) and 15-17 years (JM2/JF2). 15-17 year olds are allowed to participate in adult 18-29 years (M2/F2) category but have to remain in that category for the whole event.

27.2.2024 ETSC 2024 Sport Schedule released

ETSC 2024 Lisbon Sport Schedule has been released and can be found on the Sport -page!

24.2.2024 ETSC 2024 Sport Rules are released

You can find the official ETSC 2024 Sport Rules here.

25.1.2024 ETSC 2024 Webpages are open

Check out the ETSC 2024 Lisbon website! More information will be posted soon!